Hello gorgeous one. I am so happy that you are here.

I am on a mission to empower women to live in line with their authentic selves and feminine rhythms.  I know from my own experience as a mother, that when mothers are happy, they can model a healthy way of living to their own children.

I have learned that self-love is the foundation to happiness.

I started on this journey with the birth of my fist child. I went back to work after my daughter was born and wound up with postnatal depression. The realisation that I was deeply unhappy, as I wanted to be home with my baby instead of working in a corporate career as a Chartered Accountant, catapulted me into deep personal development and reflection.

I realised that since I was responsible for the life that I had created, I also had the power to change my life into one that made me happy. One that was an authentic reflection of my heart’s deepest truth.

More than eight years later, I feel happy, aligned with my life’s mission and free!

And guess what? You can too! It is your birthright!

Join me as we talk feminine empowerment, yoga and ayurveda – my go to tools for living the life of your dreams.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Blessings to you.


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